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Research on Therapeutic Patient Education is carried out by André Giordan first at the LDES in direct collaboration with the Chronic Illness Therapeutic Education Division (Division d’Enseignement Thérapeutique pour Maladies Chroniques, Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva), within the framework of a research cooperation agreement. Professor Jean Philippe Assal, who was keenly interested in our learning research, initiated the project, which has continued under his successor, professor Alain Golay and his team.

Moreover, there have been several one-off studies for the training of doctors, nurses, dieticians, or other therapists. Actually, many universities in Switzerland, France, Quebec or Belgium request collaboration with André Giordan, either for specific training interventions or to solve very practical issues linked to a pathology or disability.  André Giordan has also worked with patient organizations.

Meanwhile, André Giordan has also worked on health education. He evaluated many programs and educational materials. New approaches have been developed, as well as tools and resources for health mediators or coaches. Finally, André Giordan has multiplied consumer books, magazine articles and conferences as well as conferences and seminars on sex education.